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Deadlands - Hell on Earth - Lost Colony by Pinnacle Entertainment  - This is one of my favorite game systems to play, but unfortunately Pinnacle has stopped producing the series and is selling off the last of it's stock. ( plenty on eBay and in game stores for now ) I was awed by the amount of work that went into the revisionist North American history (Old West) and post-apocalyptic settings. I still curl up with one of the source books now and then just to pick up some interesting facts about the Occult, and I occasionally travel to one of the sites or cities named in the source material to compare my real life experience to the game description.

The downside of the game was that the adventures were too rigidly structured, could have used more detail in area description and maps, and I get tired of all of the boss creatures having some "secret vulnerability - guess what it is before the party dies". AD&D gets the nod for best and most consistent module quality. The flavor also tends to get a bit heavy handed with the undead/hell/demon/everything has gone to shit theme.


Call of Cthulhu  by Chaosium



Call of Cthulhu d20 System - published by Monte Cook under WOTC, but for some reason it is not on their website.



Chill 1st Edition by Pacesetter



Chill 2nd Edition by Mayfair Games



Chill 3rd Edition - Supposed to be produced by Other World Productions sometime next year.




AD&D - Most editions are good, (or can be good)  though I find the 3.0 + versions to be a bit rule heavy and they angle you towards buying sourcebooks by the ton. Also, the d20 system is considered to be the Borg of RPG systems and has been accused of driving smaller publishers out of business ala' shades of Microsoft via a viral generic gaming system. Very interesting that both corporations are based in Seattle.

Still, there is a HUGE variety of source material available and some of the settings such as Ravenloft & Dark Sun lend themselves to a darker gaming experience. The Planescape universe allows you to indulge occult leanings to the uttermost edge of the fantasy/reality bridge so if you are wealthy enough, you could just quit your job and play full time.



Gamma World  d20 - While this is technically not a horror game, it can be played that way with the correct GM, adventure and mood. This was originally Metamorphosis Alpha and then went under the GDW banner until that company went defunct.