Ghost Hunter: The Game

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OBJECT:  You are a paranormal investigator in an ancient guild whose purpose is to explore the spirit realm and defend mankind against evil. You have recently been assigned to new territory and your mission is to build up a team and accumulate the necessary equipment to discover why people are disappearing suddenly.


Fighting will be possible, but may get you into far more trouble due to legal and logistic considerations. Damaging a home unnecessarily can rack up insurance premiums and perhaps get your policy cancelled or you removed from the guild. Killing someone accidentally or intentionally (even the “villains” can mean criminal charges are leveled against you, ending your career.



GAMEPLAY:  This game has two basic modes.


Strategic planning mode where you hire/dismiss team members, make budget decisions, and allocate time to certain tasks such as research, skill increases, etc.


Tactical mode which is real time, first person shooter gameplay when going through an actual level.





WORLD:  This could take place in a variety of time periods and settings.


Locales:   Seattle, New Orleans, London



Time Periods:  1890’s (Victorian gaslight)   1920’s  (Roaring Twenties)   1950’s (post-war)  1980’s (retro)  1990’s to  21st Century (now)


The world looks and operates much like ours and will strive to meet realistic effects and be consistent with what we know about parapsychology. Certain facets may be exaggerated for dramatic effect, but care will be taken to maintain balance and keep the laws consistent.


TONE: Dark, gothic corporate with a mild sense of humor.


CHARACTERS:  Ideally, you can hire or dismiss members to be on your team and select them for specific missions.




Leader (You)    

Technical Expert




Psychologist / Parapsychologist


Martial Artist


Alternatively, you could forget the team member selection process and have some static NPC’s as this would greatly simplify the game. To compensate for the skill sets, you as the main character could learn those yourself.