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Tired of disorganized investigations, missing information and needless frustration with record keeping? Running a ghost / paranormal organization is time consuming enough without all of the paperwork involved. Use GHOST FORMS to restore sanity to your group activities.


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  • Twenty-three (23) forms in all covering topics such as Group Administration, Pre-investigation, Onsite Instrument Readings /Analysis and Membership for the introductory price of $25.

  • Investigation forms help you to plan, organize and record data on expeditions. Keeping track of important things like names, dates, addresses and phone numbers prevents costly errors and mistakes.

  • Our 6 page Interview Form asks all of the most important questions in paranormal investigating

  • A unique Photo & Video Analysis form regulates anomaly classification & identification

  • Saves time in having to design and type up your own forms

  • Convenient PDF format makes it easy to transfer between computers and print out. * No more hassles with copying forms out of a book.

  • Enhances professionalism and your organization's image.

  • No other organization offers forms like these.

  • Your purchase is protected by PayPal, so your satisfaction is guaranteed.

  • All major credit cards accepted and you DO NOT need a PayPal account.

These forms are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format ONLY. We do not presently ship hard copies of these forms, so you will not get anything in the mail. We will email you the files along with the password within 24 hours. If you have any questions, then email us at SPI  AT  VORPRAL.NET



You do NOT need to have a PayPal account to purchase. Simply follow the steps after clicking the button. :)

Copyright 2005 The Society for Paranormal Investigation  - All Rights Reserved

* NOTE: For your internal group use only - reproduction, alteration or reposting outside of the purchasing organization is expressly forbidden. Refunds are not ordinarily offered due to the nature of this product.


To get a complete listing of all forms, please download these documents

Ghost Hunter Forms List 1

 Ghost Hunter Forms List 2


To open these forms or the Ghost Hunter Forms Kit, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader which you can download here for free: